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Clients include:bpm worldwide clients BPM Careers Worldwide is not an automated software application, but a business (run by humans) dedicated to Business Process Management recruitment. As practicing BPM Professionals ourselves, we understand your particular needs and the special considerations surrounding the Business Process Management arena. So whether you are a BPM Practitioner, BPM Vendor, BPM Partner, BPM Consultancy or End User Business / Organisation - BPM Careers Worldwide can assist you to find an experienced, qualified Business Process Management Professional who meets your needs.

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BPM Roles within the profession are just starting to gain worldwide traction, and BPM Professionals with real-world, hands-on experience are becoming more sought after and highly regarded. For more information about a career path in Business Process Management see this article.

** Businesses are now more open to sponsoring suitable candidates from overseas **
Let us know immediately if you are interested in a long term overseas position as we have a number of vacancies open!!

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Business Process Watch
Process Modeling, Management, and All Things BPM
  • Process-Driven Applications: A New Approach to Executable BPMN

    One of the singular successes of BPM technology is a common language – BPMN – used both for process modeling and executable design.  At least in theory….   In reality, the BPMN created by the business analyst to represent the business requirements for implementation often bears little resemblance to the BPMN created by the BPMS developer, which must cope with ...

    The post Process-Driven Applications: A New Approach to Executable BPMN appeared first on Business Process Watch.

  • BPM at IBM InterConnect

    It would be unfair to say there was absolutely nothing on BPM at IBM’s InterConnect conference, which took place this week in Las Vegas… but it would not be far from the truth. InterConnect is the supposed successor to IBM’s annual Impact middleware event where “Smarter Process” – IBM’s term for BPM and decision management – has always played a ...

    The post BPM at IBM InterConnect appeared first on Business Process Watch.

  • BPMN Explained – Part 2

    Yesterday I tried to explain BPMN to those who don’t know what it is.  OK, they are probably saying, if BPMN is so great, why do I hear these complaints about it?  Yes, that’s a good question. First, you need to understand exactly who is complaining.  If it’s a legacy tool vendor wedded to their proprietary (“much better!”) notation, well ...

    The post BPMN Explained – Part 2 appeared first on Business Process Watch.

  • BPMN Explained

    On Twitter someone posted to me: “Have you ever seen a short overview of BPMN that makes sense to people who have never heard of it?”  Hmmm… Probably not.  So here is my attempt. Business Process Modeling Notation, or BPMN, is a process diagramming language.  It describes, in a picture, the steps in a business process from start to end, ...

    The post BPMN Explained appeared first on Business Process Watch.

  • Visualizing Responsive Processes

    Merging BPMN and CMMN standards in OMG is, for the moment at least, a dead issue.  The question remains how best to visually represent logic formerly known as case management, which I will henceforth refer to as responsive processes.  Responsive processes are driven forward by events (including ad-hoc user action) and conditions, rather than by sequence flow.  In a responsive ...

    The post Visualizing Responsive Processes appeared first on Business Process Watch.

  • Method and Style Wizard Generates BPMN Automatically

    itp commerce has just released a new BPMN Method and Style wizard that automatically creates well-structured BPMN from a simple interview.  In my BPMN training, the “Method” is the hardest part because it asks students to describe the process top-down and abstractly, as opposed to the bottom-up “what came next?” format of the SME fact-finding.  It’s especially hard when you’re ...

    The post Method and Style Wizard Generates BPMN Automatically appeared first on Business Process Watch.

  • BPMN and CMMN Compared

    IBM’s presentation at bpmNEXT of their implementation of case management inside of BPMN (and their subsequent launch of same at Impact) inspired Paul Harmon to start a lively thread on BPTrends on whether BPMN and CMMN should be merged.  To me the answer is an obvious “yes,” but I doubt it will happen anytime soon.  Most of the sentiment on ...

    The post BPMN and CMMN Compared appeared first on Business Process Watch.

  • Details on BPMN Master Class

    Details of my BPMN Master Class on June 2 and 9 have now been finalized.  If you know BPMN Method and Style and you want to take the next step, this class is for you! The class is split into two 5-hour sessions one week apart, so students will have time to complete problem sets assigned at the end of ...

    The post Details on BPMN Master Class appeared first on Business Process Watch.

  • Sudden Impact: IBM Merges Case into BPM (but forgets to announce it)

    In the most significant enhancement to its BPMS since the Lombardi acquisition, IBM revealed at Impact this week that case management functionality will be a native feature of BPM 8.5.5, the June 2014 release.  I hesitate to say IBM “announced” it, because it was barely mentioned at Impact.  In fact, far more attention was paid to IBM Case Manager, aka ...

    The post Sudden Impact: IBM Merges Case into BPM (but forgets to announce it) appeared first on Business Process Watch.

  • BPMN Class/Certification June 3-5

    There are still seats available for my next BPMN Method and Style class.  The live-online class will be held June 3-5 from 11am to 4pm ET each day (5pm-10pm CET). You’ll learn how to create process models that are not only correct per the standard but that reveal the process logic clearly and completely from the printed diagram. Students in ...

    The post BPMN Class/Certification June 3-5 appeared first on Business Process Watch.


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